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This is an archive of the epic.FOURTEEN tournament site. For latest tournament information, please visit tournaments.epiclan.co.uk.


Start time currently set at 15:00 Saturday - Breifing will be at 14:45 in Fair Isle

Game Mode

  • Size: 1v1
  • Format: Conquest (explained bellow)
  • Creating new decks between rounds is allowed but not mid series)
  • Max. Pause time: 5 minutes
  • You must inform your oponent if you are playing from anywhere besides your seat or if you will be gone from your seat for a while.

Conquest format

In conquest you must have 3 decks, none of which can be the same class (aka. Warlock/Paladin/Mage is ok. Warlock/Mage/Mage is not ok). you must tell your oponent what your 3 races are. both players then secretly pick their 1st deck. Once you have won with a deck you may not use it again. If you loose with a deck you do not have to use it again in the next game. 1st player to win with all 3 of their decks is the winner.


If your opponent is not present 15 minutes after the scheduled time,  please contact a tournament admin via the admin desk.

Loss of Connection

Every player is responsible of his internet connection and hardware-software environment. Leaving a server on purpose is not allowed and leads to a round loss, please provide screenshot evidence of your results.

Cancellation of Tournament

epic gaming Ltd. reserves the right to withdraw this tournament should there be an insufficient number of participating teams.

These rules are subject to change. The game admin and tournament team leader decisions are always final.